Au Naturale |
by Ivan Jenson

You have always
struck me as
having the 
passive aggression 
of a peace-monger
vegan angel
with only 
one left wing
but as of late
your reactions
have become
so very reactionary
in that you don't 
budge from
the grunge 
of some grudge
from the 90's
and though 
you are against
animal testing
and antibiotics
you don't 
so please
swallow some pride 
with your
and find it in 
your heart 
to love this 
corn starched
soda pop 
a little more
Ivan Jenson is a pop art painter and contemporary poet whose artwork was featured in Art in America, Art News, and Interview Magazine while selling at auction at Christie’s. Jenson was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a painting titled “Absolut Jenson” for the brand’s national ad campaign, and his “Marlboro Man” was collected by the Philip Morris corporate collection. Jenson was commissioned to paint the final portrait of the late Malcolm Forbes before his death. He also wrote two novels, Dead Artist and Seeing Soriah, both of which illustrate the creative and often dramatic lives of artists. Jenson turned to poetry as an outlet for artistic expression, and he is now a prolific writer who is widely published (with over 450 poems published in the US, UK and Europe) in a variety of literary media. Jenson’s poems were recently published by Hen House Press in a book titled Media Child and Other Poems, which can be acquired on Amazon.