The Structure of Fiction
—a poem by Matthew Kirshman

The problem was as Sal stood by her friend
He was getting robbed by three older boys
In the first scene state the predicament
Such as there was a calamity
She hoped to help him as the world came apart
Then the story became a wild goose chase.
The first attempt to solve this mystery
Which began or had its birth in failure
Depicted our parents in a puppet show
The trick, the illusion, the play of speech
A story so utterly absorbing
Some unknown urge preceded the telling
And wandered through the body of work.

Matthew Kirshman lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and two daughters. Before settling down to teaching, he had a varied career—telephone repairman, bartender, and cook, to name a few.  Publication credits include: Annapurna Magazine, Apeiron Review, Ascent Aspirations, The Bacon Review, BlazeVOX, Café Irreal, Dirigible, Helix, Indefinite Space, Key Satch(el), Mad Hatters’ Review, Phoebe, The Wayfarer, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Z-Composition.  He is the author of posthumous papers (Nothing New Press). Radio Tales (Red Dashboard) is due out in 2015.