On Beggars
—a poem by Pratap Kumar Dash

We are beggars, we are beggars…..
Son to father; daughter to mother; friend goes farther;
Beloved to lover; neighbor to neighbor;
Master to servant and rich to poor!
A chain of beggars—one begs to the other.
A handful begs for handful and handless begs for handful!
Because, everybody is a beggar.
The earth is a beggar; the river is a beggar;
The ocean is a beggar; fire is a beggar!
Give and take; take and take; give and give;
Get and forget; give and forgive.
Buddha was a beggar; Gandhiji was a beggar;
Jesus and Mohammed were beggars.
They begged for alms of brilliance;
Of truth, love, conscience and reliance.
The world is rich in beggars
Having house, horse, cars and creature;
All that called money and honey,
But inside-- a discontented feature.

Dr. Pratap Kumar Dash teaches English at Sebha University, Libya. He has published his writings in CLRI, The Taj Mahal Review, RJLCS, Orissa Review etc.