Let's begin with Poetic Overtures
—a poem by Pushkar Raj

Through the rimless eyes, dwindling focus ...I gaze into the river.
The nonchalant me smiles warmly at my wrinkled face.
A tear joins the river as heavens open up,
Paint from the brushes abandons vignette as blood dries in the crippled heart.
I lurch from banks to banks slipping into the darkly waters,
with trembling hands I try to cage the flowing moments.
A gush of raging wind pushes me past the embankment,
A lifeless bag of sand, I noiselessly sink.
A dead foetus cuddles in the bottomless river.....

The Poet: Pushkar Raj is a senior marketing analyst at Dunnhumby, India. His day-time job involves number crunching and preparing marketing strategies for retail clients. Pushkar has strong interest in World Literature and philosophy. He often writes poetry and Short stories when hit by a sudden bout of inspiration. He has also presented a literary paper on Popular Romance in an international conference held in Queensland University, Brisbane.

The Artist: addison is here today, gone tomorrow.