— a poem by Wayne F. Burke

I was alone in the court yard
until a guy wearing red socks
and an army cap turned backwards
sat and rolled a cigarette and
started to read a paperback;
then some pigeons flitted down
from trees
and another guy walked through
reading text messages
and a girl on a bicycle
who looked like an Italian movie star
glided past
as a silver bird soared overhead
through a blue sky
and another girl, with jugs that moved
like a water bed,
pulled a dog past on a leash,
and then everything returned to normal:
trees stood
sun shined
earth turned
and I was alone.

The Poet: Wayne Burke's work has appeared in FORGE, miller's pond, and Northeast Corridor. He was poet-of-the-month in Bareback, 7-13.

The Artist: Eleanor Leonne Bennett is an internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic, The World Photography Organisation, Nature's Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland trust and Postal Heritage.