High Marks
— a poem by Max West

I’m acquiring new perspective
On my wrinkles:
I’ve earned them with
All the worlds I’ve walked through,
Every pain endured
Or smile dared
Under long days facing the sun,
Embracing rain
And wind wandering my face
My wrinkles are a battle map,
A badge,
The high marks of a warrior
Whose made his way this far

The Poet: Max West is a creative writer, musician, and graduate of UC Davis, who has published articles, a book entitled Fourteen Months and Two Weeks Downtown: A Fictional Documentary with Names Changed to Protect the Guilty, poems and several books of poetry, including Professions, Pocket Poems Vol. 1, and Semi-Serious Multi-Faceted Flowering Wheel Poem. He resides in Sacramento, California. More words available at: http://flasheslightning.blogspot.com/