jazz and lilies
— a poem by Loretta Oleck

sitting on the edge of the bed
in baggy underwear
you flutter tongue your trumpet
skinny bare chest expanding and deflating
tightening and loosening your stomach muscles
to manipulate the pitch

you’re no Charlie Parker

as you double tongue
triple tongue
doodle tongue

distant bleating of sheep

and the casablanca lilies
lie in a heap with open mouths

cover up
shut up
get out

you hum while you play
crowding out the fragrance of the truth
that we no longer lie cheek by jowl
you muster up a mean jazz growl

cradling the bursting bloom in my arms
my face presses into screaming petals
inhaling deeply before gathering
my scattered belongings to go

sound the trumpet!

with eyes half mast you will be lost
playing and pretending
I never left
Loretta Oleck is a writer and psychotherapist living in the Hudson Valley of New York. Besides authoring six books in the field of mental health, she has a Master's degree in Creative Writing from New York University.  Her poetry has been accepted/published in The Westchester Review, Poetica Magazine, The Stone Hobo, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Marco Polo Arts Magazine, Feminist Studies, Mom Egg, among other publications. More recently, her poetry was chosen to be performed at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. She has been selected to give readings at numerous venues around New York.