Held in Abeyance
— a poem by Teresa Lane

One hundred and twenty one miles of stale land,
lengthwise, passing the same sad small town,
the same grassy patch with a sign,
the same tree copy pasted into the foreground.
Sunrise Reflections
The radio is broken, there’s only the rattle of your car,
the road bushing rubber in one elongated kiss,
the soft tunes you hum to yourself,
the pattering of rain on the windshield,
the draft of cold seeping wind—
the longest drive.
The farther North the sleepier the sky, as if a warning;
none should live in such somber.
The farther North the farther somnolent.
The Poet: Teresa Lane, 20, is a sophomore at Washington State University studying journalism and criminal justice. She has been very fortunate to be published in a variety of journals including Perception Magazine of the Arts and the Clackamas Literary Review. She was also a 2011 Nature of Words’ Rising Starts Competition winner for poetry and a 2011 Merit Award winner through the nationally recognized Young ARTS program.
The Artist: Faun Scurlock