After Jousts
— a poem by J. Alan Nelson

Dew falls.
Confetti litters the stands.
Flags, tassels and splinters
lie scattered on the moonlit grass
where wild futures wait
in cluttered timber
of the woodchopper’s past.
The grounds man must tidy this.
He clears the blood-stained debris
of the drunken rampage.
He sweeps the popcorn and wadded cups.
He makes the red ground green again.

Elephant Rides Duchamp's Ready Made through the forest on the way to Versailles
The Poet: J. Alan Nelson is a writer and a lawyer.  He has essays, stories, epistles and poetry published or forthcoming in the following: Convergence, International Poetry Review, California Quarterly, Wisconsin Review, Dallas Morning News Book Blog, Illya’s Honey, Red River Review, Adirondack Review, Red Cedar Review, Identity Theory, Hawai’i Review, Kennesaw Review, Driftwood Review, Ken*Again, Haggard and Halloo, Review Americana, The Wittenburg Door, South Carolina Review, Pegasus Review, Red Cedar Review, Fulcrum, Connecticut River Review, Blue Fifth Review, Arbitrary & Capricious, Chiron Review, SNReview, American Scholar and Ship of Fools.

The Artist: Mark Zlomislic's art resides in the tension between the eternal and the temporal. It explores the human need for security and the inevitability of an impermanence he has difficulty accepting. He paints to capture moments of time that reveal frailty and vitality, joy and sorrow, decline and glory. Born in Rakitno, Hercegovina, he has lived and studied in Vienna, Paris, Munich and Zagreb. His influences include Bacon, Balthus and Tom Thompson. His work is included in numerous private collections throughout North America and Europe. His gallery and studio are located in Cambridge, Canada.