by Favour Onyeoziri

At birth everyone is beautiful, but a few
Some fair, some dark,
Some enchanting, some empty-brained.
But life has no guarantees and nobody is perfect.

Beauty is not without a fault,
For the sweetness of the honey leaves
The bee at the mercy of predators.
The uglier you are, the slimmer
Your chances of surviving,
God made all things ‘bright and beautiful’ they say.
I beg to ask but patience to prevent, who made you?

I’ve seen so many a folk fall into mischief
And long idle tongues waggle-words.
The fairest of ladies have witnessed rape
And the ugly physical and psychological torture
What then is life I ask myself?
There is no guarantee even for the future
So let’s throw it out to the wind – caution.


Favour  Onyeoziri is a 19-year old Nigerian poet, who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate student of history and education at the university of Lagos. A staunch lover of poetry and prose works, he is greatly influenced by the likes of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Allen Poe, William Blake and John Milton. He also owns a blog ( where he publishes some of his works amongst other things.