The Face on the Table, excerpted from "Le Lampe A Quitter" |
by Emily Shevenock

On removing the watch, the restriction lifts.
Encounter what is known as the light embrace or
sensation cornering dialectical intercourse,
omission of orated instance.

The watch is placed on the desk,
bearing resembling features that
counteract any signifier or personal taboo status.

However difficult now the bare wrist is—
it’s clean, impaled seemingly by nothing.
The visual lines ticking, black sticks:
Insects closing in singular actions,
the rotated seeking
but never justified in any particular alignment.

Emily Shevenock is a graduate student of writing and poetry. Her work has been published in Burn Magazine, The 2River Review and Primavera. Her full-length work, "Le Lampe a Quitter," is under consideration for publication.