history |
by Amber Johnson

I walked from the classroom to
pristine white halls
clean like a crucible and

In the middle of the floor
two players sat
horns in hand
back to back, cross-legged with
white hoods over their heads

One began to play taps and soon others followed;
one after another
they played,
all along every hallway.

They finished with the last note
fading far away.

One of them looked up at me and said
"that is history."



The Writer: Amber Johnson just graduated high school and plans to attend college for Alternative Energy Technology. She lives where she can feel the lake-effect in Ohio.

The Artist: Roz MacLean is a visual artist located in Vancouver, BC. She works in several styles, but her work is united by a search for the motivation of human behavior. Whether she is looking to the animal world and evolution to explain our nature, or attempting to understand where our deepest fears come from, she is interested in the connection between natural design and our individual and collective inner worlds. You can find her portfolio at rozmaclean.wordpress.com/artwork/