Some Days, Life is Too Hard |
by Marc Carver

I see a man drag himself through the shopping center.
He has a coat and suit on
even though it is nearly a hundred degrees.
When i get closer to him
i see something coming from the bottom
of his trousers.
It is one of those bags they use for blood
but it has a yellow liquid in it
and now it has come out from his trousers
and starts to drag along the floor
with the tube also coming out
but on he goes
where i have no idea.

Please Momma, I'll Be Good

The poet: Marc Carver has published six books of poetry and works as an editor for a site in New York. He has had about three hundred poems published around the world but most of all he hopes people enjoy his work and it inspires them to pick up the pen and turn the tv off.
The Artist: Mark Zlomislic's art resides in the tension between the eternal and the temporal. It explores the human need for security and the inevitability of an impermanence he has difficulty accepting. He paints to capture moments of time that reveal frailty and vitality, joy and sorrow, decline and glory. Born in Rakitno, Hercegovina, he has lived and studied in Vienna, Paris, Munich and Zagreb. His influences include Bacon, Balthus and Tom Thompson. His work is included in numerous private collections throughout North America and Europe. His gallery and studio are located in Cambridge, Canada.