This Poem May Evaporate |
by Florence Weinberger

I look up quicksilver just to see
how I’d use it as simile or metaphor
for the quick slippage of time or

the degree to which postmodern poetry
gets me hot at the end of a line
to which I append what? then     

compels me to celebrate its glitter the way 
vampires hang immortality like mistletoe 
to catch the light but when 
it demonstrates a tendency to flicker
signaling hyperpyrexia 
or inappropriate arousal

I need to get more original possibly
make the conceit disappear entirely 
which isn’t difficult 

because, like the minute it takes 
to spill it here it tends to evaporate 
when exposed to air

The Poet: Florence Weinberger has published four books of poetry, The Invisible Telling its Shape, Breathing Like a Jew, Carnal Fragrance and Sacred Graffiti, and has published poetry in numerous literary journals and anthologies.  She recently served as judge for the PEN Center USA Literary Awards.

The Artist: Kate LaDew is a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BA in Studio Art.