Honeydew Elixir |
by Eric Hanna

Elaborate sweet-dream honeydew elixir
Grab 'er on the dance-floor and do yer best to fix 'er
Bad mood grumblin' - ain't been treated right
Animate peach-cream ingredient mixer
Dump all the finance forms and get coins from the trickster
Stop yer wonderin', 'cause we change our fate tonight
The past is brewed from trouble
And the stew leeks on our shoes
Future pops like fizzy bubbles
Can't stop them growin' honeydews

The Poet: Eric Hanna is a 28 year-old philosophy student from central Canada. He informs us that his poetic influences include JRR Tolkien and Tom Waits. In his free time he enjoys writing, especially about himself in the third person.

The Artist: Roz MacLean, "Scaled- Fighting Fish."