Ethereal Confusion |
by E.M. McPherson

I don't remember when
(The clocks ticked me off
Away the seconds fell into
The hour glass) I got here.
I continue to eat my food
(pills, apple juice, toast, breakfast
Fries, Sprite, pills, dinner).

They never told me my name
(The bracelet on my wrist
Is beautiful. It reminds me of her).
It's just peaceful.
(snow, trees, dirt, peace,
Peace, snow, rot, death).

What are the rules?
I woke up just.

The Poet: E.M. McPherson is an 18 year old slacker who hopes to become a High School English teacher. He has been writing poetry since his 'tween years', and he hopes to become a better man than his father.

The Artist: Roz MacLean, "Featherwing Cat."