Issue #006 - Summer 2008


Interview: Author & Editor Jackie Corley


3 Poems - Jill James
3 Poems - Rob Plath
Passing the Axe & Regarding Slow Solidification - Zachary C. Bush
Buy American & 211 in Progress - Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
The Tower of Babel & A Beer and a Half Down - David LaBounty
Asshole - Carissa Starr
3 Poems - Dennis Wilken
Cooking Up a Storm - Misti Rainwater-Lites
A Tiny Fugue for Tomorrowland - Howie Good
Phantom in the Machinery - DB Cox
3 Poems - SP Donohoe
Now - Everett Baker
Track Seven - Sarah Morgan
Epilogue - Angie Johnson
Time - Ema Ourston
Nice Day for a Drive & The Great American Pastime - Dan Turner
Starlings & Hyperbole - Chris Middleman
2 Poems: To Know SomethingScattered: Configurations of Matter in Time and Space - Doug Draime
Black Sheep, Lone Wolves and Red Headed Step Children - Jason Ryberg
Going On - Alyna Couture
As the Rats Dance the Mazurka - Peycho Kanev
Bec & All You Can Do is Your Best - Noah Kaplowitz
The Man - Charles Michael Craven
Cover the Earth - Melanie Moore
Childhood Fright - Mathew Harris
Iron Wheels & One Star Too Many - Mark Barkawitz
Dead End Job & After the Diner - Zoe Alexandra
Bad Faith & Sparrows - Tom Harding
In All Honesty & He Claps Giddily at a Loaf of Bread - Robert Louis Henry
Bye See You Never - PJ Price
Music To His Ears - Madelyn D. Kamen
The End - Jasper Gauthier