Issue #005 - Spring 2008


Interview: Hip Hop Artist Immortal Technique - Stephen C. Webster


Galileo's Warning - AF Cronin
Pop Rocks and Chocolate - Bryan Chabrow
Dear America - Marcelle Grant
Rebellion, One Cup at a Time - Niall Berkeley
Your World is just a Black Hole to Me - Dustin Orin Talley
Prisoner of Fiction - Star C. Spider
Get Out of my Room - Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Riding; Falling - Dennis Wilken
I Could Kick Myself & Awe Inspiring - Daniel S. Irwin
Slipping Under Spring - Hinsley Ford
2 Poems: the sids & cyd / In Plain Sight - Doug Draime
Wisdom & In a Moment - Greg Anson
Song for our Soldiers - Paul Bader
Get Out of Your Shell - James Browning Kepple
3 Poems - Justin Hyde
Too Little - David Cross
Untitled - Marcus Berley
Impressive - Rebecca Platter
Hero - Andrew Reilly