About the Crisis |
by Peycho Kanev

It is in all the newspapers, in the numbers of the Dow Jones,
in all the thermometers, and into the victims of the loneliness.
(though tabular descriptives of such have not been invented).
“You got those last months only for yourself.
The men of wisdom declared the last days,
but if they look for us they will find only dust.”
Love, because there is no other way out, feel
the words coming out of your mouth –
when we fall down,
just to restore the eternal cycle,
and we, accept –
all of us –
(what else could we do?):
the struggle.
It is such hard work to be honest and true,
when the rest of the world is decomposing.
We are not like them.
We do not talk quietly at Sunday dinner tables,
we do not communicate with passwords over the phone,
that’s the others, who peer through the peepholes,
growl at the fences, topple down the Stop signs,
scream at our walls, our last sanctuary –
we are not like them, and they can’t go without
dragging us out of what was left of the ship,
which is sinking.


Peycho Kanev is the Editor-In-Chief of Kanev Books. His poems have appeared in more than 600 literary magazines, such as: Poetry Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Hawaii Review, The Monarch Review, The Coachella Review, Third Wednesday, Black Market Review, The Cleveland Review, In Posse Review, Mascara Literary Review and many others.