The Parrot
—Micro-Fiction by Dennis Paul Wilken

She talked non-stop. When they first met, he thought she knew everything. Later, he realized she was simply very pretty. He'd always been a sucker for beauty.

Unfortunately, he didn't discover his mistake until after they were married. Now, years later, he no longer felt she was even mildly attractive. And he definitely didn't feel she knew anything worth knowing. He thought she simply repeated the last inanity she'd heard on television.

Some days, she channelled Barbara, some days Rosie, and some days Oprah.

He didn't care much for them either.

Dennis Paul Wilken is a prolific poet, sketch-artist, veteran journalist and Senior Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal. He studied at the University of Cincinnati and is a former Staff Writer for Cincinnati Magazine. His poem "Outcomes" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011. His last chapbook is called Sweat Off the Diamond (2009). His next chapbook Poetry Factory (2017) is forthcoming from Imperative Papers.