a poem by Ivan Jenson

come on
all that
is ancient
let’s think
about the future
and how it has
not happened yet
and how it will unveil
its miseries and its mysteries
and how there is a chance that chance
will smile or frown on us depending on
the mood of time’s movement yes we are
all victims or victors there is either fanfare
or failure and anyway they say a comet
is coming which will turn even the most famous
faces into mere bare bones of anonymous rex

Ivan Jenson has enjoyed unprecedented success publishing his poetry in the US, the UK, Sweden and France and he has received recognition for his bold Pop Art. His Absolut Jenson painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and he has sold several works at Christie’s, New York. Ivan Jenson is highly sought after for his popular and dynamic live readings on the stage. His poems have appeared in Word Riot, Camroc Press Review, Poetry Super Highway, Alternative Reel Poets Corner, Underground voices magazine, Blazevox, and many others. Ivan Jenson is also a Contributing Editor for Commonline. He now writes novels and poetry in Grand Rapids, Michigan. www.ivanjensonartist.com