by Ra Scion

Air of inequity is thick in my circumference
Untouched are none when they’re summoned up to punishment

Sons sent to war for the grunt work of the government
All debts repaid on the last day of judgment

I’ve heard purported it’s approaching with celerity

Proselytes testify with utmost sincerity

I don’t think he’s comin’ y’all – try me for heresy
But what’s all the stallin’ for, a little more disparity?

Beckon the Armageddon, tell ‘em we exhausted
Every option since the trade winds laid claim to caution

Damned since the Gnostics allied with the sergeants 

Yo I’m tired of waitin’ – slide the blade across it now

Another demonstration staged on the proscenium 

Curtain drawn, who’s workin’ behind ‘em with the medium?

Road blocks, keep throwin’ rocks at the imperium 

Hell yeah, a long march, staunch grown wearisome

Seein’ fam fallin’ through the cracks in the variance

Famished on a barren land of AIDS and malaria

One percent could fix it with a tenth of their inheritance
Freedom buried in the treasure chest of the nefarious 

Terrorists with pipe bombs, who’s sittin’ on the megaton?
FEMA slow to respond, blame it on the weather, wrong

Billion-dollar telethon, tell ‘em where the cheddar gone

And wonder why my people keep their weapons drawn—

RA Scion is one half of the critically acclaimed hip hop duo Common Market.  He now preforms under the pseudonym Victor Shade (alter ego of Marvel Comics' West Coast Avenger, The Vision) and has released his debut effort Victor Shade (SCIONtific Records).  The poem "Nina Sing" has been adapted from a live version of "Nina Sing", a song from the 2008 album Tobacco Road.