Poetry by Ernie Culver |

the crackerjack reality of it all

a strawberry blonde

eyes of jade

runs a smile over me

like I have a deep
sense of self

more than most

maybe know something that even
the cricket’s don’t

she tells me I look like her

to a fucking-T

could be his twin really

but seems like you
got it together

something more than just
packing peanuts

told her
I have 30 yrs
of burned out filaments
wire shorts
up there

so the
possibility of being

two of the same


one of many

is closer to fact
than fiction

doubt it
she says

takes my deposit

two 20s and a 5

and pulls up my acct

that smile
seconds ago

below zero

tells me I’ve overdrawn

3 times
in the last
3 days

told you
I said

walk back outside
the crackerjack reality
of it all

zen like

with a deeper sense of self worth

more than most

Ernie Culver is 30 years old and lives in Albuquerque, NM. Just recently started writing again from a 10 year hiatus. As of yet, his poems have only appeared in Mad Swirl.