Labor, Hip-Hop-Poetry, Community,
& Common Market's Ra Scion

(Ra Scion preforming live)
In an age where many popular emcees rap about wealth, rims, and bitches, Ra Scion (aka Victor Shade) of Seattle's Common Market forges ahead of the pack searching for somthing else, something more and less elusive. Because of that fact and others, and in our opinion, Ra Scion is one of the best emcees in the hip hop game today.

One could even say, with caution, that Ra Scion's vocals are similar, if not an improvement on, those of the great Talib Kweli. In fact, many hip hop heads we've played Ra for have even mistaken him for Brooklyn's Kweli.

Recently Current TV caught up with Ra Scion, following him through a typical day where he not only rocks the mic but mop and a broom as well.  If you're Kanye West, you should be taking your hat off -- right about now.