I Have No Use for
Corkscrews and Sommeliers
—a poem by Mike Dell’Aquila

I Have No Use for 
Corkscrews and Sommeliers

Remember when we opened wine bottles
with our dull pocket knives, pushing the cork
down into the cheap swill and bits floated
around in white plastic cups we stole from work?

Back then, we had no concept of vintners
or regions in France where the grapes grew best,
and we knew of no better place for us
to enjoy all the finer things in life
than around a Formica table in
the living room of the old farmhouse.

Christ could today make pinot noir from water
and I’d still be unimpressed—unless He
could turn back time to the days of card games,
cigars, cigarettes and cheap table wine.

Mike Dell’Aquila is the co-founder and editor of Farmhouse Magazine. He graduated from Penn State University with a BA in English and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English at Brooklyn College. His writing has appeared in Kalliope: A Penn State Literary Magazine, Barcid Homily, The Riverside Press-Enterprise, Buckmasters Magazine, The Outdoor Channel Magazine and Farmhouse Magazine. He is also recently completed his first novel.