Poetry by D.B. Cox | (Honorable Mention, 2008)

the moon cries

just out of range
of a street lamp
under tree branches
that shadow-dance
the empty avenue-
drawn here
every night to stare
at the same small house
on the corner
her new friend’s
beat-up blue chevy
planted like a conquering
flag in the driveway
every shitty detail
behind those cheap
curtains burned
by time
into my brain
every whiskey-driven scar
fixed in faded walls
every shattered glass
& broken promise
every meaningless minute
spent apologizing
begging mercy
for every wrong thing

feeling strangely numb
i slide a hand
inside my jacket pocket
where it grazes
the cool metal
of a waiting .38-
crazy time of night
when lost wolves
are silent
& the moon cries

DB Cox can be found in the early-morning hours, bent over a Fender Stratocaster guitar, in roadhouses and juke joints throughout the south. He describes his playing style as "a look at life through drunken, godless eyes" To quiet his tortured soul, he writes. He has published four books of poetry. His first chapbook is entitled "Passing For Blue", and is available from Rank Stranger Press. Two other chapbooks, "Lowdown" and "Ordinary Sorrows", are available from Pudding House Publications. His latest collection called "Empty Frames" can be picked up on-line at Main Street Rag Publishing.