Poetry by Misti Rainwater-Lites |

Cooking up a Storm

anxious fingers fumble with the seasoning
too much salt won’t make him mine
the pepper will remind him of my hair and temperament
too black
too coarse
the impurity glares
my words are not shampoo bubbly
bueno, nobody wants shampoo
in their mashed potatoes
but I want out of this kitchen
the veritas in the burrito
is making my skin itch
what I need is a good hard lather
a streaming water kiss and grope
slow soap melt
spit swap
sink and swirl merry like Christmas
into the drain
but I am stuck
in this hell of a kitchen
burning alive
onion in my eyes, garlic on my tongue
chained to the talking stove
“más huevos, perezosos! your brain
is sleeping in the shredded coconut!
your sensibilities are drowned in syrup!
nadie quiere su confusión en su placa.”
I’m very much the whore in the kitchen,
saint in the bedroom.
I’m fucking around with all the wrong recipes.
I’m saving myself for the reincarnation of Howard Hughes.


Misti Rainwater-Lites has published numerous poetry collections and novels at lulu.com. She has chapbooks available from Kendra Steiner Editions, Erbacce Press, Scintillating Publications and Tainted Coffee Press. Misti is also the editor and publisher of Instant Pussy, a monthly poetry zine that is available in print and as a free PDF at lulu.com.