|| Poetry by Charles Michael Craven ||

The Man

Iʼm the perfect mate
if you donʼt like
saying anything,
doing anything,
getting complimented,
holding hands,
or sex multiple times
in a day.

Iʼm the guy for you
if you donʼt mind
a quick temper,
verbal abuse,
or going down on me
without the chance
of the favor being returned.

look no further
if youʼre into
a guy who
doesnʼt dress up
or use hair gel,
sleeps a lot,
smokes a lot,
and shaves once a week
with a trimmer
to achieve the
five oʼ clock shadow look.

weʼre soul mates
if you hate
everyone else,
or feeling important.

if you are down for all that
let me know,
but to
tell you the truth
even I
wouldnʼt like
anyone like that.


Charles Michael Craven is a 23 year-old with many problems, one being writing. He occasionally falls asleep in a town outside of Austin, Texas. Usually, he can be found indoors, wearing a t-shirt, mesh shorts, and a smirk. He has a popular blog at cmcraven.blogspot.com.