|| Poetry by Star C. Spider ||

Prisoner of Fiction

She glances up from the pages of the novel,
imprisoned between the period and the capital letter.
From her perspective it all seems a little two dimensional,
but you laugh because you always knew better.
Her actions don't come as a surprise anymore,
and her face crunches up when you flip to the last page.
"That was not how it was supposed to end!"
She cries as she tries to stay afloat in the unforgiving sea of text.
But no matter how many times you look at it, the words remain the same,
frozen in a false sense of their own reality.
Her tears soak the rough pages, worn down with moments in time,
and an unbroken cycle of regret that makes her ache to the very core.
If this had only been a choose-your-own-adventure,
at least she would have had a fleeting chance for something more.
But now and forever she is trapped,
the eternal prisoner of a fictional war.