Poetry by Marcelle Grant

Dear America

I dreamt last night of autumn
leaves enclosing me-bright brown,
orange and yellow falling from
brown bark that shivered
in their naked unveiling..

Vines wrapped themselves around
my body-green and tight
they kept me still to see
the bodies that I had been walking
on. Osama Bin Laden lay with his broken
neck beside George Washington
whose arms held
him close. Martin Luthor King
sat in a wicker chair holding
Teddy Roosevelt’s hand. Their
hands had been melded together.

I dreamt this morning of the summer
with sweltering heat waves
and bodies cooked in the sun
that smelled of fried fish,
coconuts and bacon. Aretha
Franklin stood holding
a microphone belting out RESPECT
Hilary Clinton sat in the shade
of a banana tree
swaying to the song and nodding
and Obama lay with his head in her lap
and mouthed the words.

Marcelle Grant is currently a senior at SUNY Fredonia and will be graduating May 2008. She plans to move to Boston, M.A. and work towards getting her Masters.. In the meantime she intends to find a job in publishing, Editing or communications.