Issue #004 - Winter 2007


Necks - Arlene Ang
Respect for the Game - Richard J. Martin
3 Poems - Tony O'Neill
Into This Space - Zachary C. Bush
The Innocents & For the Record - Justin Hyde
Graffiti & Leonard - Bryan Warman
Erzebet Bathory's Hazel Tree - Sara Toruno
Trying Not to be Existential & Not Breathing or Bleeding - David LaBounty
A Lesson in Courtesy - Benjamin Huffman
(Charles Bukowski Would have Been So Pround) & Chair or a Lamp - Michael Estabrook
Penn State Harrisburg - Chris Middleman
After Hours & Charming Country People Out of their Roaming Area - Joseph Veronneau
2 Poems: Some of my Teachers  / 125 Dollars A Year - Doug Draime
When No One was Watching - A.F. Cronin
Overheard at the Old Town Bar - Nicole Cartwright Denison
Chinatown & The Big Picture - Jonathan Hayes
Father - Carnez
Too Funny to be Strange & Short and Disgusting - Brett Staggs
Is This the Part we Let Go & Anthems - Bryon D. Howell
Incepico - Don Mancuso
All the Good Saints - John Thomas Murphy
Dishwashing - Willie Smith
Ode to Pork - Amy Glin
Maybe - Clayton Misura
Istvan's Contours - Felix Kalmenson
Love Letter to Picasso - Jennifer Best
Oh! But to Set Your Face Aflame - Shane Kennedy
Naked By Yourself - Zoe Gabriel
Slippage - Ian Donald Keeling
Hate Ashbury // Love You - Zoe Alexandra
Don't Like Rich People & Georgetown Boys - Alex Gallo-Brown
Right Hook - Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal