Poetry by Amy Glin

Ode to Pork

I was not so very big,
When I started eating pig.
Even though I was a Jew,
I did what I wanted to.

Now I’m old and still eat bacon.
I hope I will not be forsaken.

Amy Glin has used her life as a science lab. She questions everything in an effort to uncover the illusions presented as facts that guide our daily existence.She’s been published in editorial sections of the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle, as well as in The Sun and The Mountain Astrologer. Her blog is www.newragemovement.wordpress.com. A chef, writer, poet and entrepreneur, Amy makes and sells the best granola you’ve ever had at http://www.amysnuts.com/. She also created a product called Consciousness in a Can and sends out a quotation once a week. Visit http://www.consciousnessinacan.com/ to sign up.