Some Of My Teachers
- poetry by Doug Draime

Some Of My Teachers
The public school system attempted to teach me to conform
My father instructed me on how to drink and deal with hangovers
The U.S. Military showed me showed me several ways of killing a man
Mostly, men taught me how to hate
But women broke my heart
Women taught me how to love
And I honor the memory of each one of them
The men I’d like to dig up and grind their bones to dust

Doug Draime (1943-2015) emerged as a presence in the 'underground' literary movement in the late1960's in Los Angeles, California. A Senior Literary Editor for The Commonline Journal, Draime's books include: Knox County (Kendra Steiner Editions) and Los Angeles Terminal (Covert Press), Boulevards Of Oblivion (Tainted Coffee Press), Farrago Soup (Coatlism Press), and More Than The Alley (Interior Noise Press). Draime was awarded PEN grants in 1987 and 1992. Born in Vincennes, Indiana, Draime lived in the foothills of Oregon since the early 1980's until his death in 2015.