A Pyrotechnic Poet

by Bryan Chabrow

It’s nice to be vulgar sometimes

To shout

Incoherent and inappropriate things

I see it more as an expression of creativity

Than an indecent display of crudity

Obscenities present something

That poetry never did

An angst-ridden release of energy

Riveting and exciting

Like a firecracker

Exploding out of your mouth

Dirty and lewd as it is,

You feel cleansed and purified

As you light each fuse

As much as I love poetry,

It doesn’t give me that thrill

A good thing too

If sparks came out when I wrote

Then all my paper

Would be burned to a crisp

Bryan Chabrow is a 17 year old poet from Manassas, Virginia. He was recently published in Susquehanna University's Apprentice Writer. Although he is young and new to the craft, Bryan is quickly beginning to make a name for himself in the poetry world.