Poetry by Kayleigh Hindricks |

On the Highway

crowded cars on the highway

trudging along


like funeral processions

the line and wait is long

long enough

to make you wonder

about the hearst speeding past
who is dead in that one?

can he be more dead then the expressions

on the bodies

and faces

that fill the lonely cars

next to us?
smoke pours from an exhaust pipe

a few cars ahead of us

smoke transcends into the polluted, clouded sky

as it transcends, it also travels

through the vents of the



plastic compact we are sitting inpatiently awaiting our turn

onto the road

which will soon take me to a place

of more dead expression

on bodies

and faces

that fill lonely buildings

like offices and such
soon we are moving

trudging along the crowded highway

where I begin to notice the young adults

walking towards their school

dead expression

and I laugh amused and tormented
by knowing
that as soon as we arrive at our destination

those expressions will turn into fraudulent smiles and cheerful gestures
as if no one died today

or any day before this one

and as if we werent all stuck in rolling, turning compacts

feeling the griefand pain

of some great loss

or the brief joy

of some great gain.

Kayleigh Hendricks is a 19 year old girl living in Austin, Texas. She is currently working at writing a very personal novel. Kayleigh is a singer and model, as well. She has been writing short stories, songs, and poetry since six or seven years old. Her passion for writing never dwindles, instead it has started consuming her life and very existence.