2 Poems by Juliana Vargas |

Thank You

I want to say thank you for making me bend farther, or is it further, than I have ever bent before
Without breaking
I want to say thank you for making me see that there are better things than being in love
And worse things than being emotionally scarred for life
I want to say thank you for making me believe that the universe really did hold a soul mate just for me
And teaching me soul mates are a sick karmic joke
I want to say thank you for letting me get out of this in one piece
With my sanity and my heart tattered, yet somehow, intact
I want to say thank you for amazing sex
With no orgasms, unless I gave them to myself
I want to say thank you for being in a hurry to get to the good stuff
It meant the bad stuff never really had a chance to totally crush me
I want to say thank you for what you did give to me
Not just for the things you took away
I want to say thank you for many things
Mostly, I want to say thank you for walking away


Be Still

Be still restless mind
Tub thumping thoughts beating time
With my heartbeat slamming
Against rib bones
Like an out of tune xylophone
Making me toss and turn in sweat soaked sheets
Thinking of shit best let go of
When I want peace I close my eyes
And I put my fingers in my ears
But the fucking noise just won't stop
I just hear your stupid voice over and over
I still want to scream in your face
Like I should have when we were standing in the rain
As I listened, nay, as I was subjected
To your ignorant racist rants
Spit like venom out of a black and hateful mouth
That had just moments before, given me the hottest, most amazing kisses
And I realized in that very moment
How very small and pathetic your soul really was
That moment plays over and over in my head like a cheap tape loop
Hissing and popping
And I keep thinking over the crappy sound track
Of your annoying voice...

Fuck, why is it so hot in here

Juliana Vargas is an old hand at writing and a new hand at writing anything she feels can be called decent. It seems other people might possibly agree. She has been published in the 2007, issue #90 of Zygote in My Coffee and twice in Mist Rainwater-Lites Instant Pussy Online, issues 13 and 15. She completed her first self-published poetry book available on Lulu.com, called Blood, Sweat, Ink and Tears and frequently blogs her poetic heart out on neo-trendy, Myspace http://www.myspace.com/inkstaynedangel. Juliana is a Northern California transplant, currently living in Dallas, Texas.