Poetry by Ben Mason |

i fucked a poet

i fucked a poet
in a broad daylight alley

her ass on a rubbish bin

my pants around my ankles
in an oily puddle

and when she talked
dirty to me

called me her fuckpig
and herself a whore

there was no metaphor
in her words

nor in the wide round
‘o’ of her mouth
as she moaned

nor in the small drops
of sweat that slid from
the tip of my chin
to her tits

it was what it was

it was not like anything

or as something i’d
known before

it just felt good

and when she came
she screamed

and when she screamed
i came

Ben Mason lives in Portland, Oregon. He's published fiction and poetry in Calliope, The Pacific Review, Perigee and Nomad. His first novel, Sunrise on Moonville, was published in 2005.