by Suchoon Mo

Buddha In A Theater

buddha came to town
went to a theater

the premiere of an opera
called "Life Is Suffering"

the tenor howled
the soprano screamed

the audience applauded
buddha farted


Life And Death

life after death is silent
as in a cemetery

mourners came and went
dirge and elegy are gone

death does not hear
a prayer eloquent or mute

death does not see
even the dark underground

when death does speak
you do not hear

when death does smile
you do not see

a song of those who are no more
cannot be sung

the singer of another world
cannot be heard

life is not a drama
world is not a stage

the theater is empty
in a abandoned town


The Demilitarized Zone

in the valley of ten thousand mines
buried in the silence of years gone by
ten thousand flowers are about to bloom
remembering those who are no more

Suchoon Mo is an emigre retired university academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado. His poems appeared in East and West, Bitter Oleander, Dissident Editions, Taj Mahal Review, Religious Humanism, Thunder Sandwich, Spillway Review, the Stylus Poetry Journal, Malleable Jangle, Word Riot, Word Myth, Underground Window, Tryst, Subterranean Quarterly, Orange Room Review, Round Table Review, Strange Road, Feathertale, Snake Skin, Flutter, Poetry Cemetery, and others. His music compositions appeared in Unlikely 2.0, Mad Hatters Review, Sage of Consciousness, Strange Road, The Adroitly Placed Word. He has no formal music education.