2 Poems

By. Ruth E. Dominguez

Astral Plane
after Kafka’s Metamorphosis

the problem of molecules
is eternal genesis

reaching you on the astral plane
I longed for corporal substance

transformed again,
my feet were never on the ground
my hands were the air-pockets
in my joints
the movement of my tongue
a disturbance of ancient moss

when waking on my deathbed,
I realized
we had not encountered each other
in this life,
the oxygen around me fizzled
the dust cleared
from the avalanche
that was my vision.

Graffiti Souls Under the Moon

In swimming the depth and breadth
of you
there was suddenly nothing more
so together we stoked
fires near the shore
our graffiti souls
covered only
in our threadbare dreams
and I would hold a moment
silent and breathless
to see if I could
reflect moonlight
the moon
(which had risen now)
full and succulent
and in the end
there is no end
we move apart
and deliberate
as the expanding universe
each body—
moons, stars, planets—
held together by a precarious gravitation.

Ruth E. Dominguez is a published author of non-fiction, short fiction, and poetry. She has worked and traveled in numerous cities in South America, North America, and Europe. She holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies and Performance and a M.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology. She presently works in education, and continues to write.