The World Is Falling Apart

By. Dominick Montalto

From the split-ends of Time
His Eyes are watching
the world fall apart
as a blade’s edge
of blood crimsons
the tears
of the Earth
as her fault-lines
open like a wound
in the glass-stabbed
souls of humans
whose backs are bent at
right angles with
the burden of oil wars,
terrorist strikes,
subway bombings,
planes exploding in mid-air,
turning into dust
as they
hit the ground,
and the diplomacy
of incompetent political leaders
talking out of
both sides of their mouths
as they plunge
their nations into years
of worthless war
all for the sake of greed
and a grudge
poorly disguised
as evidence of WMD
never found
in a dictator’s hands.

When the world is set ablaze
in nuclear holocaust
it will be too late to see
human beings
are their own weapons
of mass destruction.

Dominick Montalto is a part time English professor who lives and works in Queens, NY. He is also a poet and critical prose writer with recent publication credits in both genres. His literary influences include the major poets and authors of the literary movements of British Romanticism, French Symbolism and Decadence, as well as Modern fiction. He is also highly influenced by Eastern philosophy and the mystic sects of the world's major religions.