Poetry by Rachel Maldonado |


Someday, when the earth has disappeared,
I’ll breathe a sigh of relief, cause it’s over.
Fighting the good fight is still fighting
And I am a pacifist.

Someday, when the volcanoes implode
And the waves beat ceaselessly upon the shore,
I’ll remember that my existence is over
As I watch the last picture show of my life roll by.

Someday, as the sun melts and the unbroken sky cracks,
I’ll sit there recalling that this was once my vision,
And goal.
The finality that I was creating in my mind
May finally exist in this world unending.

Someday, after I’ve swallowed the pills and
Stories whole-
Being sick will no longer be a concern.
I got “better” but still I remember
All those things I was supposed to forget.

Someday, when everyone I love has disappeared,
I won’t have to worry about losing them.

Someday, when it all comes true-
What they call a nightmare, I’ll call fulfillment of

Rachel Maldonado has been writing poetry for years and lives in Queens. She has been published in student publications and has been known to do poetry readings, although stage fright usually get the better of her...She was most recently featured on the literary website fiestyaphrodite.com.